Tossed Lotus Root - 凉拌藕片

Lotus Root

Sweet and crisp, Lotus Root is very popular in China.  The different parts of the lotus plant can be used for culinary and medicinal purposes.  In the previous post I used the Lotus Seeds in the Yin Er Lian Zi Mu Gua Tang. Today I am showing you a straight up culinary preparation of the lotus root. 

In Chinese we call this, 凉拌藕片 (Liángbàn ǒu piàn) or tossed lotus root.

The lotus root is slightly warming in temperature when it is cooked.  Here in this presentation it has been blanched in salted water then tossed in Chinese culinary sauces.  Lotus Root can help benefit the digestive system, relieve diarrhea and help nourish blood and blood stasis.  It can be found year round but it is most often eaten in the summer months as it can be helpful in dispelling summer heat.