Chinese Steamed Egg - 蒸蛋


Simple, delicious and easy to make, steamed egg can be found on the dinner table in rural China as well as in high end restaurants.  It’s simplicity and delicate texture make it a true culinary delight.  It is important to get good quality eggs.  The fresher the better.  More organic the better. 


The ingredients: Eggs, Water, Salt

Garnishes: Sesame Oil, Seasoned Soy Sauce, Chopped Green Onion

Materials: Steamer

The bowl I used was a large soup bowl.  There are many recipes online that you can go to as a reference.  I like to cook on feel, experience and trial and error rather than to give a recipe.  When cooking there are a lot of variables to consider.  As in life, there is no perfect recipe.  Everyone has different tools and products to work with.  We need to be flexible and learn to work with what we are given.

Simple procedure:  

Crack open the eggs and beat.  Add in a nice pinch of salt.  Mix in cold water.  Place in steamer a steam.

*** There is a trick to make sure that your dish comes out nice and silky smooth.  As the eggs steam, you should check on them every 3-5 minutes.  With a chop stick, gently tap open the cooked layer on top to expose the uncooked egg below.  You may need to do this 2 or 3 times before the egg is fully cooked.  If you skip this step you may end up with a firmer egg that may also resemble scrambled egg near the sides.  The egg may rise as it is steaming and the breaking open of the top layer will help prevent over cooking. ***

The dish is finished cooking when you gently poke it with a chop stick and no uncooked egg comes to the surface.  Also, when you lightly shake the bowl, the egg should gently shake like jelly.

Carefully remove it from the steamer and drizzle sesame oil, soy sauce and chopped green onions on top and you are ready to go!        

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