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There are many different Qigong practices. Although, certain lineages may practice with specific goals in mind, ultimately all Qigong practices have the same underlying fundamentals and all aim to promote health and ward off disease. Qigong embraces the Yin and the Yang, the internal and the external. Qigong is suitable for the young and the old, the strong and the weak and the athlete and the businessperson.

Daily practice of Qigong can have the following benefits:

  • improve athletic performance

  • lowers blood pressure and improves heart health

  • relives stress and the negative side effects associated with it

  • regulate the nervous system

  • balance emotions

  • improved immune function

  • reduce fatigue

  • lowered cortisol levels

  • reduce chronic pain

  • improved circulation


Shisan Taibao / 13 Protections Qigong

Shisan Taibao Qigong is a deep relaxing form of Qigong that opens the channels, circulates and gathers the Qi, releases tension and relieves pain.


Hua Tuo WuQinXi / 5 Animal Qigong

HuaTuo’s 5 Animal Qigong takes the practitioner through 5 different animal movements. The Tiger, Deer, Bear, Monkey and Crane all related to the Chinese system of the 5 elements and each related to its own organ system to help facilitate and promote healthy and efficient function of the body as a whole. The playful movements mimicking those of the five animals strengthen the sinews, regulate the Qi, aid digestion, improve circulation, calm the spirit as well as help promote healthy respiratory system.


BaDuanJin / Eight Section Brocade Qigong

BaDuanJin is composed of eight separate exercises each deeply connected to the Chinese meridian system and Qi that flow through the body. BaDuanJin can help regulate your body, improve digestion, clear heat,