Studio 36 is dedicated to teaching authentic Chen style Taijiquan as taught in the Chen Village in HeNan, China.

Weekday and weekend group classes are on going. Click HERE for group class schedule and sign-up.

Life Cultivation Taiji

Life Cultivation Taiji or YangSheng Taiji, gives the student the essential elements needed to begin their understanding of Taiji. Students will learn proper standing postures to help strengthen and stabilize the lower body while releasing and mobilizing the upper. Slow mindful walking drills promote balance and core strength while Taiji Silk Reeling exercises bring stillness and movement together and promote smooth circulation of Qi throughout the body.

Traditional Chen Taijiquan

Traditional Chen Taijiquan takes the student deeper into their understanding of the art of Taiji. Students are taught Laojia Yilu, the old frame first routine from the Chen Village. Further emphasis is brought to the importance of FangSong, the release of tension in the body, and sinking of the Qi. Deeper stances are encouraged to further develop lower body strength. Training the Traditional Chen Taiji form will strengthen the body, calm the mind and regulate all the systems.


Advanced Taijiquan

For the student who has completed Laojia Yilu training and wishes to further their knowledge and skill of Chen Taijiquan system, advanced hand forms and weapons forms are taught. Chen Taijiquan advanced teachings include, Laojia Erlu, Xinjia, TuiShou, QinNa, Dao, Jian, DaDao, Qiang.